There are many of us that complain about the weather in Ireland, and with much justification too! In fact I don’t believe there is any place else in the world where people get so much social conversation out of the topic of the weather. As one takes a walk  in any rural environment here, many a stranger will bid you good  morning etc, but many go a little further and make a comment like “beautiful day” or “ not a bad day”, or “ ‘s gone cold isn’t it? or perhaps “ miserable oul weather!”  Sometimes this may lead into a much longer conversation, which may meander over many other topics, and provide many a satisfying social interaction.

But aside from the social opportunities , one of the wonderful things about Ireland is the changing nature of the landscape as the weather changes and the quality of the light changes with it. This is the thing that makes our environment so special. If you take a walk in the same place each day, or at different times of the day, it never looks the same. I have photographed the same places frequently and each day’s photographing activity produces completely different results, and it is very easy to pick out the images that belong to the same day/time.  In this blog I have shown some photos of the Tralee Ship Canal on a November evening. Later I hope to upload some earlier photos from the same place.

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