Tralee Bay and The Birds



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Down at the end of the Tralee canal, past the Blennerville Swingbridge, is the best part of this delightful walk. That’s where you can get away from all traffic noises on the Dingle Road, and hear only the sounds of nature. As you get past the lock gates and walk to the far end where it run into the sea, this is where to stand, or sit on a rock and contemplate the magic of this wonderful place. To observe the beautiful view of the Sliabh Mish Mountains on the Dingle Peninsula, Fenit Harbour on the other side, and the open Atlantic Ocean in between, whilst enjoying the feature that makes this place most special – the sounds of the birds, to be heard from miles along the coast – is a really lovely experience. There are all kinds of sea birds and others, creating a gentle cacophony, offering a splendid and natural opportunity for a relaxing meditation – fantastic, connecting and calming.

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