Irish Wildflowers – Roadside Wildflowers of the Dingle Peninsula


“Flaming flowers brightly blaze….” (Don McLean on Vincent Van Gogh).

Indeed the wildflowers of the Dingle Peninsula are brightly blazing at this time of the year, and have not been created by any artist other than nature, admittedly with a little help from the humans who have introduced many non-indiginous species such as the highly invasive montbretia. Nonetheless, I just love the fantastic swathes of colour they create along the roadsides in the rural areas.


July and August are the best months for these wonderful exhibitions of nature’s art, offering a joyous and thrilling experience for any tourist or local person driving, cycling or walking along the roads. For the driver, the challenge is finding a parking space to leave the car on these narrow roads, in order to get out and walk or take photos of these spectacular and colourful exhibits.


Sadly, there are many people who have either little regard or little awareness of this precious heritage, and often one can see evidence of weedkiller spray along vast areas of roadside at times when the flowers haven’t even had time to bloom and seed. So much must have been lost.

These photos were taken on the roads from Ventry to Ballyferriter, and from Ballyferriter to Murioch. The latter is on the famous Slea Head Drive, but on a section that is often missed by tourists who fail to take the left turn at the Dingle Peninsula Hotel, and instead take the shorter cut back to Dingle.








One thought on “Irish Wildflowers – Roadside Wildflowers of the Dingle Peninsula

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    It’s that time of year again, when the roadsides are swelling with blossoms of the wild flowers. I first posted this in 2013, but it’s still relevant, so I thought I should reblog it. I may follow it with some more recent photos.


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