Charred Forest, Northern Thailand

Charred Forest, Northern Thailand

Recently, my blogs have slowed down somewhat. This is due to other exciting things occupying my time and thinking processes. I am in the process of moving house, but this move has proved more challenging than I expected.

Unfortunately I will only be able to do small prints and no framing at all, for some time – maybe several months. Most of my paintings and equipment will be in storage and I will not be able to use the equipment.

My paintings will still be available for purchase, but no large prints, until my new abode is ready to move into. I will be vacating my current home next week.

In the meantime I hope to post occasional images of my photos or paintings, when I get the time. I hope you like this oil pastel work of a Charred Forest in Thailand. Please see other paintings from my Thailand series on:


Ventry Beach with Mount Eagle

Another Beautiful Evening on Ventry Beach