Yes there are so many benefits that I enjoy and appreciate about living on the wonderful Dingle Peninsula.  I love the helpful friendly people, country roads, amazing beaches, glorious sunsets, magnificent walks, clean air, space, big garden, little shops and big ones……………..

wine strand view_16_19_31

My only complaint is my lack of decent Broadband. It would be nice to be able to view more blogs and like them etc., but some days it’s just too slow to view others’ blogs, especially those with image content.

But thankfully, today I have managed do do this post and upload a few photos, I hope you will enjoy them.


DSC_1533 wp

robin DSC_4713

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  1. You’re not alone; I live in Wiltshire, not far from Salisbury, and have the same problems with broadband! You’d think it would be pretty good so close to a city … but I guess the city isn’t big enough!

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  2. Hi Helene
    Some really great shots. Your landscapes are incredible as usual. I particularly like the robin in full song. Pity about the broadband but maybe with those two fine politicians there now you’ll get it have peace, beauty and inspiration to compensate. Any exhibitions in the near future ?

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    • Many thanks for your feedback. I’m so glad you like the landscapes. Regarding exhibitions, I have no plans. I haven’t exhibited for many years. The Internet has given me a number of ways of showing my work. I find that easier, somehow – even with the limitations of rural broadband.


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