A few days ago I discovered these baby swallows in the shed. This is the second brood but I was expecting to see them in the same nest nest as the first lot, but I was very surprised when I saw that they had moved house.

This morning, 29th of August they left the nest. After a lot of excitement, flying around all day, they settled on the gutter in view of my living room window while their parents fed them for some time, and it was very entertaining indeed! My photos were taken through a rather dirty double glazed window – not the most ideal optical equipment, but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity!

Due to the new editor on wordpress I have been unable to space out the photos, so I apologise that they are too close together. I am in fact most disgruntled with it, as I detest the new block editor, it’s too time consuming, and have attempted to use the old editor. However, it’s not so simple and I have been unable to use the editing techniques that I usually use. This is supposed to be the old one, but it isn’t! I’m very tempted to terminate my relationship with WordPress.


12 thoughts on “SWALLOWS

  1. I love how you captured them in all these moments. They look like barn swallows. Are they? I relate to your not wanting to miss that moment. Also appreciate hearing about frustration with the changes in WordPress.

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    • Yes, Catherine, I believe they are barn swallows. They have been nesting regularly in my sheds, and raised a good number this year. I’m glad you like the photos, although they’re not displayed very well with the new WordPress editor.


  2. What precious photos of precious birds! Here where I live in Croatia, I love to watch the swallows swoop in and out of the restaurants we visit. Some of the places actually put next boxes in their eaves so the birds won’t mess things up much. I’ve also seen them on the cliffs as we sail the Adriatic coasts and they always seem to be having so much fun! Thanks for sharing despite your frustration with the new medium.

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    • Thank you Cindy. I love having the swalows here, they are good to have around and good for eating the midges and mosquitoes. I hope to put up some nesting boxes when I have the sheds renovated soon. I always look forward to their arrival in April. I hope these young ones will make the long journey to South Africa this autumn. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos.

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