Some photos here from a trip a few weeks back to Gougane Barra, in County Cork. This is a beautiful forest park with a romantic looking lakeside church, Sr. Finbarr’s Oratory – a popular venue for weddings as there is a hotel on site also, just facing the church. This was also the site of an early Christian settlement.

There are several forest trails, high and low level, with stunning forest landscape, and precious little phone or internet coverage. You may need to wait until later to post your photos.

Unfortunately, I still cannot find a way in this new editor to separate the images in the way I would like them to be viewed. On my computer they appear all joined together when previewed. Very disappointing. Yet they are ok when viewed on my phone. I hope you will enjoy the photos anyway. Thanks so much for visiting.

8 thoughts on “GOUGANE BARRA

  1. click My Site on left, WP Admin, Posts, then at top Posts (Add new) select ‘classic editor’ in pull down menuto use the old editor. That’s the only way I post anything.
    Beautiful photos – very excellent. My maternal grandmother is from County Cork.
    I am 93% Irish by Ancestry DNA breakdown. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for that advice. I’ve usually gone into the new post via a shorter route and although I’ve chosen classic from the menu, it wasn’t like the page on the route you suggest. I look forward to trying that. Glad you like my photos. More from West Cork to come soon, hopefully. Hey 93% Irish is probably as much as any of us have! Never had DNA test though.

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  2. Lovely scenery, I love the little chapel at the start of your post. To get a space between the pictures I add a Paragraph between photos and then don’t type in it, leave it blank. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for. Maggie

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    • Thank you for your kind suggestion, Maggie. I usually used that method on the old classic editor, but it didn’t seem to work recently on classic, It worked only if I tried the new editor and would take the time to put each photo in a separate block – far too time consuming. But I think I now know how to access a better version of the old classic, and hope that paragraph method will work again. I appreciate you taking the time to be helpful. Glad you like the photos.

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    • Yes it is a wonderful landscape – sometimes it can look so dramatic and sometimes so sweet and serene. The cottage is actually a little chapel. It was mostly a rather dull grey day when I was there, but the sun obliged by casting some lovely stretches of light and that brought life to the colours. Thanks for commenting Catherine.


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