Some photos from a walk in the Mount Brandon vicinity last December. I didn’t get round to posting them earlier because I didn’t know the name of the townland – still don’t know, but I thought it worth showing these photos anyway. This path leads to one of the routes for ascending the mountain. I didnt get many photos mainly due to poor weather, but a few minutes of light gave some nice views, looking back from start of the mountain path.

Thanks so much for looking.

14 thoughts on “A WINTER WALK

    • Storytelling, superstition, banshees, fairy rings etc. have all been fodder for the local imagination here. The generations who have lived here must have felt the same sense of mystery. Glad you like the photos, thank you so much.


    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them. The farmers paint their sheep with specific colours to identify their owners, as they have a tendency to break onto the roads or into neighouring fields. The grass is greener etc…… Also in many areas sheep are put to graze on the upland commonage, and the farmers need to know their own sheep up there. I have read that some farmers tie a bag of paint to the ram which will result in a ewe being smeared with that paint while mating. The farmer will then put that ewe into another field, leaving the others for the ram to continue his work. I have also heard that colours may be used to mark those that have been treated for diseases or vaccinated.

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    • That’s so nice Kerry, thank you. I guess there are so many great photographers trying to sell their photos – I don’t think I have the energy to compete. I’m a little too laid back, or just plain lazy. But I’d never refuse if the Irish Tourist Board approached me!😀

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