Following from my earlier post Walking up Cruach Mharhain, these photos show arrival at the top of this rather steep little mountain, on the Dingle Peninsula, in the South West of Ireland.

The views from the top of Cruach Mharhain are so amazingly beautiful; it’s such a rewarding walk. It’s one of my favourites, but often the ground is too soggy, especially in the winter. Recently we had such a lot of dry weather that the ground was very dry and firm, perfect for walking.

Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal), above.

Inis Tuaisceart (Sleeping Giant), one of the Blasket Island group, above.

The Three Sisters, top left, and Ballydavid Head, to the right of them.

A zoomed in look at Clogher Beach, above.

Mount Brandon, taken on the way down again.

The Blasket Islands, above and below.

There are lambs galore in the fields, and who could resist taking a photo or two.

So that’s the end of that walk. It’s a perfect little workout for the heart and lungs, and at the same time offering such wonderful visual and mental nourishment. I hope you enjoyed the views too. Thanks for looking.

Many photos of the Dingle Peninsula are available from my website.


  1. I just remembered that years ago, I hired a young person from Ireland here in the States. We became work friends (both being Irish), and when he was returning for a visit to see his family in Ireland, he asked if he could bring me back anything. I said, ‘well I’d really like a book of colored photos showing some of best areas there. When he returned, he gave me a large book with beautiful landscape photos that I thought were really beautiful – filled with emerald greens and deep blues. I was taken back at the beauty of those photos. They were mainly of the Dingle Peninsula. Your photos match what I saw in the book I have somewhere in my possession. It is a breath-taking area to see. Great photos as always!

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    • Thank you for sharing that story with me. It’s so nice that your friend gave you a book with photos of this area; it certainly is one of the most lovely places you might see. Emerald greens and deep blues describes it perfectly, especially in summer, with contrasting bronzes and oranges in winter. I’m happy that you find my photos as pleasing as those you enjoyed in that book, thanks so much for telling me.

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