I set out to take some photos in the late evening sun, as I have done many times before. Not really sure where I would go to get something different from the previous hundreds – or thousands of shots I’ve taken in this area of the Dingle Peninsula where I live, I drove my van along the road until I came to Clogher Beach. It was a beautiful, sunny and calm evening and I liked the look of Clogher as I approached, so I parked up there.

I set out on the cliff walk from the beach to Cuas na nEighe. Some of you may recognise the place from my previous posts. I hoped to get some different images.

goodbye thrift refers to the sea pinks, also called thrifts. In previous posts I have shown the amazing swathes and clumps of these gorgeous pink flowers that festoon the cliffs in this area. Now they have turned brown and finished flowering for this year. Gone, but not forever. The thrill has definitely not gone, now that instead of thrift there are wonderful chamomile blossoms proliferating all along the cliff tops.

The Island of Inis Tuaisceart (The Sleeping Giant) is above.

The Tiaracht is the Island above.

As you can see, the thrift is still there in profusion, but not much pink there now, it’s mostly brown, but still quite attractive with the sunlight catching the tips of them.

Now I have Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal) in view, above.

It was the way the low evening sunlight caught the tops of the flowers and grasses that caught my interest that evening. Even the way the dock seed heads above were illuminated, seemed really beautiful to me.

A closer look at the Sleeping Giant, above.

A sheep posed obligingly, in front of Sybil Head.

Well I seem to have such a lot of images to show – far too many for one post. I’ve decided to leave the others which include the sunset from this walk for my next post.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. There are many images – photos and paintings from the Clogher area on my website. It would be great if you would check it out!


  1. I never tire of your ocean views, Helene! I love to take photos of my favorite pond and mountain in all seasons . There is always something new to notice. My favorites of your set were those that included The Sleeping Giant in the background. Something really mysterious and magical about the name and the way you photographed it.

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    • Thanks so much Julie. It’s true that these views of the natural environment change every day, even several times a day, especially here with our unreliable weather! Yes, the Sleeping Giant is quite iconic here and seems to have real presence. Glad you like the way I captured it. Best to you too.

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  2. I am really drawn to your composing of these images. Very nicely done. I kept wondering what the temperatures are like at this time. I guess I felt a little bit of “fall” present but then wasn’t sure. Are these waters you can swim in?

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    • Glad you like the compositions Catherine, thank you. Temperatures here vary a lot of course – around 18C in the summer in this area, but warmer in the centre of the country and also in the east. (East and centre are colder in winter). However for the past number of days we are having a sort of sunny heatwave. I think it’s around 23C or more here, though in some areas it’s been up to 30C ish. As for swimming, summer sea swimming has always been popular here, but in the past year or more (since Covid-19) it has become become even more so, and many people regularly swim even in winter. The water is certainly cold, but it’s possible to get used to it. There is a belief now that the cold swim is extremely healthy! Those photos were taken a few days ago, when I felt quite comfortable in a short sleeved T shirt until after sunset. Today we have a sea fog but it still feels too warm for me.


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