These photos were taken on different days and at different sections of the coast of the Ballydavid region of the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, on the South West of Ireland.

You may already be familiar with the Three Sisters, which can be seen from many parts of this peninsula. They rise up majestically from the side you can see here, but drop down dramatically on the western coast.

Many visitors to the area never get round to seeing this part of the Dingle Peninsula. By the time they’ve done the Slea Head Drive, and in many case taken the short cut back to Dingle town accidentally, they don’t get a chance to walk the cliffs of Ballydavid.

I really enjoy seeing the rocky coastline here.

A chough poses on top of this WW2 lookout post. Not that you can tell that it’s a chough from this photo, but I was watching two of them flying about the area.

It’s hard to resist taking a few shots of the lambs in the field along here. Unfortunately this little one below got loose from the field and couldn’t find a way back in. It refused to be helped, being too scared and timid!


There was a beautiful sky with amazing clouds when I took some of these photos, but unfortunately I only had my mobile phone on that occasion, and was in a bit of a rush. I feel I could have done it more justice with my better camera and more care.

I got carried away trying to get a good image of these cormorants, using my full zoom, as this rock was some distance away. I was pleased the fishing boat turned up – it added a little extra interest to the shot.

More images from the Ballydavid area can be seen on my website here

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Here are several photos taken on Béal Bán Beach (White Mouth), one of my local beaches in Ballyferriter, near Dingle, in County Kerry in the South West of Ireland.


beal ban ballyferriter_4411



beal ban ballyferriter_4421



beal ban ballyferriter_4430



beal ban ballyferriter_4424



beal ban ballyferriter_4432



beal ban ballyferriter_4435



beal ban ballyferriter_4437



beal ban ballyferriter_4459



beal ban ballyferriter_4468-2



beal ban ballyferriter_4502



beal ban beach ballyferriter_131027



beal ban beach ballyferriter_133137



beal ban beach ballyferriter_134830



beal ban beach ballyferriter_135344









beal ban beach balyferriter_4506



beal ban beach balyferriter_4513



dog and gull_4462



















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