Following on from my last post I am now showing the last photos from my walk on Cosán na nÉighe to Cuas na nÉighe, on the Dingle Peninsula, West County Kerry, in the South West of Ireland, as the sun was setting and daylight went to sleep.

Above is Sybil Head, (Ceann Sibéal), viewed from Cuas na nÉighe, a place which I find one of the most magical and magnetic in the area. Often the sea is as rough as hell here, and so exhilarating to behold. But on this occasion it was calm and peaceful, on a warm and balmy summer’s evening.

There are two blow holes here, which I don’t dare to go near, though I would love to look down at the water I can hear swooshing down below.

The soft evening sun cast a lovely light on the rocks.

The Three Sisters and Ballydavid head are seen in the two photos above. Below is Mount Brandon.

There is a charming little boulder beach at this place.

While walking around this area taking photos, I came upon two women who were camping here. We got talking and I discovered they came from my own neck of the woods in the east of the country, one from my home town and the other from near my mothers place.

They kindly offered me some tea and shared their m&ms with me, while we sat and watched the sunset, and snapping all the while! A very memorable end to the day.

Aahh, there it goes – until tomorrow.

I had to rush back to Clogher Beach where my van was parked, before it became too dark. No street lights here!

The two islands are the Tiaracht and the Sleeping Giant (Inis Tuaisceart), of the Blasket Islands group.

As the light dimmed the sheep seemed to gather together.

And so concludes this one of many walks on this route. I’m sure I will go again, many more times.

For more images of the Clogher area (photos and paintings) please check this link

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These photos were taken from Clogher Beach and the cliff walk to Cuas na nEighe from the beach. This is the place for massive, wild and wonderful waves, where many people – photographers and others go to capture the Atlantic wildness, or just to observe and enjoy it.

This rock above can send the most enormous splash way up to the sky. Photographers love to catch this moment. It always happens just when you take your eye off the ball, in a manner of speaking. I’ve seen some arrive with their tripods and camera pointed at the rock, ready for the event, and not being side-tracked by any of the lovely dancing light on the spray etc. They leave as soon as they capture it. Nothing else matters.

If you follow my posts you would have seen many other photos from this place, but as I often say, it changes every day, with the wind and the light.

Lace-like patterns swoosh towards the beach.

The island above right is Inis Tuaisceart, one of the Blasket Island group, commonly known as The Sleeping Giant, or locally known as Fear Marbh (Dead Man). It appears in many of my photos and paintings.

The Island in the distance above is another Blasket Island, the Tiaracht. It resembles the Great Skellig Rock, near the Iveragh Peninsula of South Kerry. Many people get confused with it,

I love these dancing shapes riding on top of the water, with the spray flying in the wind.

The next six images are from Cuas na nEighe, one of the most wild and wonderful places on the Dingle Peninsula, in my view.

At Cuas na nEighe, with Sybil Head in view.

These big splashes are so irresistable.

On the return towards Clogher Beach.

I hope you enjoy these coastal pics.

More Clogher Beach and Cosán na nEighe images

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Photos on a walk from Clogher Beach to Cuas na nEighe (Cuas na Nae), on the wild Atlantic coast of the Dingle Peninsula, on the Souh West of Ireland. The sea pinks were just slightly past their best, after some stormy winds, but still looking pretty marvellous.

DSC_3767 cosan na neighe

DSC_3770 cosan na neighe

The Tiaracht is the triangular Island on the horizon above – one of the Blasket Islands group.

DSC_3706 sleeping giant and sea pinks

Above and below is Inis Tuaisceart, (AKA The Sleeping Giant) another of the Blasket Islands group.


DSC_3766 cosan na neighe

Rough though it looks, the water was relatively calm for this area, on this day.


DSC_3717 cuas na neighe

DSC_3730 cuas na neighe

My walking companions hadn’t seen this spot before, they were enthralled!

cuas na neighe_175547

I hope you have enjoyed my photos. Keep safe!–photos-of-dingle-peninsula