Occasionally, I pass through the port town of Foynes, County Limerick, on the west coast of Ireland. I’m usually in a hurry through, with a long journey to complete and don’t have time to stop. I always think to myself that this looks such an interesting place and I would like to explore and capture the views and interesting buildings. However I managed to grab a few shots on a couple of these journeys. Good light was fleeting, and time was short, but here are some of the images I caught.


Foynes is on the Shannon Estuary, and is the second biggest port in Ireland. It has a very interesting maritime and aviation history, and there is a Flying Boat and Maritime Museum there, which regrettably, I haven’t managed to  see yet.

Probably the most interesting thing about Foynes is its Flying Boat history. The flying boats were operational from about 1937 up until 1942, when nearby Shannon Airport was opened, and there was no longer a need for flying boats there. You can read more about Foynes’ Flying Boat history on this website:


My main interest is to create beautiful and interesting images, so even the above industrial scene has beauty when the warm glow of the late afternoon sun lights up these structures and the deep blue of the Shannon Estuarial waters are contrasted against them.



DSC_5251 foynes





The two shots above show Foynes Island




Foynes railway station, above, now unused – usual story.



DSC_5258 foynes copper tank

I remain hopeful that I will get some more photos of this interesting looking town, some day when I’m not passing through in a hurry.

These photos and a few others of Foynes are available for sale on my website:

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