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I actually prepared this post about a year ago, and I really thought I had posted it. But I have just discovered it in draft form now, so finally here it is:

Recently I was looking through some old pre-digital photos, I was concerned to see how they were deteriorating, particularly those which I kept in those typical photo albums with a cellophane type of covering over the photos. So I set about trying to scan these prints – or at least most of them.  I had previously used a gadget for scanning the negatives but found it fiddly and it produced distorted colours, and scanning several prints at a time on my A3 scanner was so much quicker.

After scanning I then made some necessary restoration to the colours and intensity of the images. Of course they don’t compare well with the quality of photos made with modern digital cameras, many are a bit grainy or noisy, but in a way I quite like the aged appearance of them and I feel they are relevant in terms of representing a place in time, and important to preserve them before they are beyond redemption.

Starting with Morocco…


In 1988 I made a trip to Morocco where I trekked with a group in the High Atlas Mountains, the high point of which was an ascent of Mount Toubkal. At 4,000 Meters I believe it is the highest mountain in North Africa. Not high compared with other more famous mountains, but fairly challenging.

The trek took us through many small Berber villages, the names of which are largely forgotten now. The friendly Berber people there were were mostly living in quite modest and poor conditions at that time, and tourism was really only just developing in the area. We overnighted in basic conditions in some of these villages although in one or two places we didn’t even have access to any sort of a toilet, and finding a private place for the necessary personal daily deeds was subject to being followed by local people – mostly women and children who were clearly highly amused!

Village in High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

A Berber village on the mountainside, typically coming down in steps, and with its terraced farmland below.


Berber Villages in the Hight Atlas Mountains







The main problem with looking back at these images is that I have forgotten the names of the villages, I may insert some more information if I can later.




I believe the village above is called Ouanesekra



scan 168

Ascending Mount Toubkal. Large areas were quite snowy.

scan 180


scan 175


scan 176

From summit of Mount Toubkal, above.

scan 177 group at top toubkal

At the summit of Mount Toubkal. As I am in the photo, I obviously didn’t take it, and I really can’t remember who did, but I’m sure they won’t mind me showing it.

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