On my return home one evening after a clear, sunny day, I spotted a sheet of fog rolling in from the Atlantic. So, hoping for some nice pics I stopped at the tiny harbour at Dúinín (Dooneen). It was a little late, and the sun was going down, but worth a few shots anyway.

The iconic Three Sisters are just hidden under that duvet of fog out beyond, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Actually, the tallest sister, Binn Diarmada, is just peeping over the top of the fog.

Just looking around to my left it was just pouring over the mountains.

Moving on from Dúinín I continued my journey home, but when I was passing Murioch Beach I just had to stop and take a few more shots there, although the sun had already disappeared and the light was quite dim.

The sea was flat calm and the tide was low. Some people were just going into the water for a swim, and there were more fishing boats on the water than I would normally see out at one time. Some large yachts out there too, taking advantage of the calm water and free anchorage in the bay.

I have taken photos in foggy/misty conditions previously, and some of them can be seen on my website, using this link

I feel I have been less productive in recent months. I’ve been busy and somewhat tired too. But I now have a new gallery and I’ve started hanging pictures in it. Looking forward to receiving visitors and hoping for safer, healthier times.

Thanks for looking. Sláinte!



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