Last night, I happened to suddenly look up from my task on the computer and saw a spectacularly red sky. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and ran out to capture some of  this amazing event. After hurriedly capturing about 20 images – or so I thought – I discovered to my great annoyance and disappointment that I had forgotten to return the memory card to the camera, and not one image had been recorded. So, I raced back to get the card and out again to catch something before this marvellous phenomenon disappeared altogether. Of course I missed the best of it, but in spite of my rush I managed to get several images that give some flavour of the brilliance of the colour of the sky.

The location is Ballyferriter, DIngle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland. The rocky ridge of Sybil Head (Ceann Sibéal) is visible on the skyline.

No edits were made to the colours, just minor changes using levels.

Please visit my website http://helene-brennan.com/c25-dingle-peninsula-photos for more photos of the Dingle Peninsula




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